FV Alliance - 2020

FV Alliance

Micronational Alliance for Youth



This charter presents the organization and regulations surrounding the FV Alliance, an inter-micronational alliance.
Each member solemnly promises to engage in the alliance for peaceful purposes.



A micronation is hereinafter called a nation.
FV Alliance may hereinafter be called alliance.



1. FV Alliance is an inter-micronational alliance engaging several nations in a common process. Each nation is represented by its leader and up to two delegates appointed by the leader.
2. The organization is structured according to two main positions:
2a. Representatives are the leaders of nations and are responsible for proposing ideas.
2b. The delegates are chosen by the representatives and are responsible for approving or not the proposals.
2b-1: Delegates must be citizens of the nation from which they are drawn.
2b-2: Delegates must have a clean criminal record.



3. To the extent that the alliance exceeds five member nations:
3a. At each meeting, a nation will be chosen to play a neutral role and guarantee the balance of the meeting. (Hereinafter called Diplomat)
3b. The Diplomatic Nation will change at each meeting on a regular rotation.
3c. The Diplomatic Nation has all power to stop the meeting if it considers that it does not follow the basic framework of the alliance.
4. In no case may a representative intervene in the voting of the delegates.
5. Delegates have the power to approve or not a proposal. So :
5a. The delegates agree to vote for the good of the organization and not for their individual good.
5b. The delegates undertake to vote in a neutral manner.
5c. The delegates undertake to vote according to the ideology of peace and equality of the alliance.



6. The alliance undertakes to try to promote the promotion of the micronational domain among young people.
7. The alliance is committed to trying to reduce discrimination and to foster a world based on equality.
8. The alliance is committed to ensuring that each member nation is equal in rights and duties.
9. Each member nation undertakes not to question the legitimacy of the other member nations.



10. Each nation can make a request to join the alliance but under certain conditions:
10a. The nation must have existed for three months.
10b. The nation must be a democratic nation.
10c. The nation must not be at war.
10d. The nation must have accepted the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" (https://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/).

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